2 Pack Large 9.3" x 7" Audio & Video Surveillance Stickers Vinyl Weatherproof CCTV English and Spanish Decals

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Product Overview

Includes a 2  pack of Audio & Video Surveillance Vinyl Weatherproof CCTV Stickers in English/Spanish. Each sticker measures 9.25" x 7". They are made of vinyl material and resistant to all elements. Decals can be placed inside a home, vehicle, or business to notify individuals that video and audio is being recorded. This can aid in both robbery and theft prevention.

  • Includes 2 Self-Adhesive Large Decals Audio & Video Surveillance on Duty At All Times
  • Dimensions: 9.25" x 7"
  • Weatherproof and Resistant to Elements due to UV Protected Design
  • English and Spanish
  • Can be Used in Home, Business, or Vehicle | Robbery & Theft Prevention


(No reviews yet) Write a Review