3G Micro Real Time GPS Tracking Device Worldwide International SIM card

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Product Overview

The 3G micro real time gps tracking device is the latest GPS Tracker that offers 3G technology. It runs off of the 3G network as opposed to the 2G network, which allows for a wider area of coverage and a more reliable signal. Spy Spot is proud to be one of the few retailers that offers this state of the art technology. 3G Tracking will prevent the tracker from losing signal often and runs on both satellite as well as cellular. The 3G Micro Tracker is a powerful miniature tracking device that is designed for personal, vehicle, and asset tracking. The rechargeable battery can last up to one week on a single charge. Track using any smart phone, tablet, or computer.



Spy Spot offers the 3G Micro Tracker, which will give you up to a week of battery life. The 3G GPS Tracker is a portable device that fits in the palm of your hand. The Micro Tracker will provide updates every five minutes, but can also be programmed for one minute updates.



The 3G Micro Tracker has a built in motion sensor as well as a water resistant design. The 3G Tracker runs off of satellite as well as the 3G ATT Cellular network. This allows for a wider area of coverage and a more reliable signal. 2G is slowly being phased out, so the 3G GPS Tracker takes advantage of the latest technology.

The Micro Tracker has a rechargeable battery and comes with a wall charger to keep the device charged.

The 3G Micro Tracker even has an additional magnetic pelican case that can be purchased to attach it to the top side of the frame of a vehicle. The magnet is a strong magnet that is located at the base of the case. The case is also weatherproof so that it can withstand extreme temperatures as well as precipitation. 

The hard wire power kit is an additional accessory which charges the miniature tracking device through the car. 

 The cigarette lighter charger is another additional accessory that keeps the miniature tracking device charged. The cigarette lighter port can normally be found in the trunk or towards the front of the car. 

The extended battery is another additional accessory, which provides up to 2 months of extended battery use. The extended battery has a strong magnet at the base which can be used to attach to any magnetic surface such as the top side of the frame of a vehicle. The case is also weatherproof so it can withstand precipitation and extreme temperatures. 

The GPS Tracking portal allows the user to track the location of the GPS Tracker in real time using the easy to use software. The video below will explain how the software works.


The software can be logged on from any PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, Smart phone, iPAD or Tablet device.

Log in Screen


Spy Spot’s software allows the user to receive up to a six month history of the tracking device. The software will display the miles per hour as well as allow the user to designate any perimeters.

Annual Reports 

The GPS Tracking software will display an indicator dot on the map to let you know the Current live location of the GPS tracking device. 

Reports may be provided that include a Breadcrumb Trail, excessive speeds, hard braking, motion detection, and more. Reports may be provided via text message and/or email.

 Satellite view will provide an Aerial View of the location and allow you to see the actual buildings and bodies of water.

 Street view also available to provide a street level view of everything that is in the area.

Spy Spot allows Multiple devices to be tracked at once under one account. This makes it easy for the user to keep track of all his trackers without having to cycle through each and every one.

National and Worldwide coverage are both available for the 3G Tracker

Monthly service is NOW $23 and one time Activation Fee of $8

Our mobile app for your Spy Spot GPS Tracker is ready to download on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Apple and Android users can search for SpySpotGPS in the iTunes store or Play store and download it for FREE.

Worldwide coverage available with Worldwide SIM card or own local SIM card


Mapping Features:

  • Address Reporting

  • Satellite Mapping

  • Stop Reports

  • Geo-Fence Alerts

  • SMS & Email Alerts

  • No Software to Install

  • Trackable by Cell Phone

  • Worldwide coverage Available

  • Secure GPS Tracking on any Computer or PDA-Style Cell Phone with our Premium Plan $23 monthly monitoring service ($8 activation fee) with no annual contract making this GPS tracker the best value on the market. 


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