Brazil Flag Decal Vinyl Sticker 4" x 2.5" UV Resistant Weatherproof Laminate Professional Quality Set of 4 Spy Spot…

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Product Description::
  • Self-Adhesive Brazil Flag Stickers. Includes Set of 4 Stickers.
  • Vinyl Material | Dimensions 4" x 2.5"
  • Resistant Material and Weatherproof UV Protected Design
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Product Overview

Spy Spot 4 pack of Brazil flag stickers. Stickers are waterproof and UV resistant. The dimensions of the stickers measure 4" x 2.5". Stickers can be placed in a variety of locations such as a home, office, or vehicle. Decals are made of a heavy duty vinyl material built to last several years. Alcohol pad is included and needs to be used to wipe the surface of the sticker. Clear coat from front of sticker must be removed prior to use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review