Spy Spot 4G Real Time Mini GPS Tracker GL 300MG with Magnetic Waterproof Case and SIM card - Hidden Portable Locator Tracking Device for Cars, Boats, Eldery, Kids - Black - Subscription required

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Product Description:
  • Includes 4G LTE Micro Tracker and Weatherproof Magnetic Case
  • 2 Weeks Battery Life (Rechargeable Battery)
  • Very Strong Magnet
  • Dimensions: 3.3" x 2.7" x 1.8"
  • Easy to use GPS Tracking
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Product Overview

GL300MA GPS Tracker with Magnetic Case

The GL300 4G LTE Micro Tracker is the latest GPS Tracker that offers 4G Tracking. The small Micro Tracker is a powerful GPS Tracker designed for personal, vehicle, as well as asset tracking. The battery is built to last up to 2 weeks on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery. Some GPS Trackers run off the 2G or 3G network, which is slowly being phased out and replaced with upgraded towers such as 4G towers. This latest GPS technology takes advantage of this by providing more accurate tracking and less signal interference using 4G tracking. The 4G LTE Tracker will prevent GPS devices from losing signal often and runs on both satellite as well as cellular.

Included with the GPS Tracker is the black magnetic weatherproof case. Small and durable. It has a magnet at the base so that it can be attached to any magnetic surface such as the top side of the frame of a vehicle. The case is weatherproof and can withstand precipitation as well as freezing and warm temperatures.

Easy to use GPS Tracking & Customer Service Team available 7 days a week!



SpySpotGPS tracking portal can be accessed from any Smartphone, PC/Laptop, or iPad/Tablet device. Free user-friendly App now available to download on your iPhone or Android. 

Log in Screen


The tracking portal will provide an indicator dot on the map to let you know the live location of the GPS Tracker.

The tracking software provides up to six months of report history including the location, miles per hour, times reported, as well as the coordinates.

Breadcrumb trails may be provided which will provide a trail for the start and finish point for a designated time frame.

Satellite view will provide an aerial view of the location which shows the actual buildings as well as other landmark locations.

Satellite View

Street view will provide a street level view of the location to better pinpoint the location of the device.

Street View

Fleet tracking allows multiple devices to be added underneath one account and discounted rates apply for purchasing 3 or more units.


Monthly service as low as $18/month when year paid for in advance. $20/month when paid 6 months in advance. $22/month when paid 3 months in advance. $24 when paid month to month. Can be cancelled anytime. One time Activation fee of $9.95.

New low cost plan available for as low as $9.95 for 12 months of service. $11.95 for the 6 month service plan. $13.95 for the 3 month service plan. $15.95 month to month plan available.This plan will provide updates Once per Hour ONLY. It will not provide motion updates or excessive speed alerts. It will only show the speed when it updates once per hour. Manual locate isn't available with this plan.

GPS Tracking Now Works in Canada and Mexico!

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  • 5
    4g mini tracker with case

    Posted by Dana on Mar 10th 2022

    Great battery life. A little bulky but still easy to hide under a seat or under the car. Wish it would update every 15 sec. But 60 is good enough I guess otherwise battery wouldn't last very long. Good buy. Wish the phone could do what you can do with the PC but still worth the $. I've had my car stolen and was able to get it back almost immediately and without any damage to my car and thief was arrested. So its saved me a lot of time money and energy. Also caught my now ex-boyfriend when he went to "work" and then went to some woman's house in my vehicle. So that's just amazing in my book. satellite map is pin point accurate down to what parking space in a mall parking lot. Only issue is the clock. Satellites set it for my time zone but its 3 hours off.

  • 5
    Durable and rugged

    Posted by Lee on Feb 3rd 2020

    Magnet is super secure. I just attach it underneath vehicle and track with ease using my phone.