4K Wireless Hidden Clock WIFI Camera Live Stream iOS or Android

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Product Description:
  • Stunning 4K Resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Live Stream Video and Audio on iOS/Android
  • Supports up to 128 GB Micro SD Card (Not Included)
  • Fully Functioning Clock
  • Nanny Cam

Product Overview


The 4K WIFI Clock Camera is a hidden camera device that is also a fully functioning clock. It is able to be streamed over the WIFI through any device using IOS or Android. The resolution of the camera can stream up to 4K resolution, which provides clear video. The 4K WIFI Clock Camera is simple to install and can install within minutes. Just download the free application from the app store and configure the device to work with a WIFI network or hot spot. Recordings can also be saved onto a micro SD card (not included) with support up to 128 GB.


  1. Remove the battery cover from the back of the clock and flick the power switch to the "On" position. If it isn't charged, plug the clock into a USB port
  2. Download free app called "HDMiniCam" in app store or Google Play Store
  3. Go into phone's WIFI settings and connect to camera's unique WIFI (Ex: CH****-******-*******)
  4. Open the application iMiniCam. The program should add the camera automatically, but if it doesn't Click the + Button on the top right. Click the button that says Add new online camera. Click Search (Lan) and select the device. Press Ok to save.
  5. Click the gear icon on the right and select device settings. Choose WIFI config. Select your personal WIFI from the list and put in the correct WIFI password  (Password is case sensitive so make sure you type in the right WIFI password otherwise it will not work. Press ok
  6. The camera is now connected to the WIFI network and can be viewed remotely from any location


This clock camera is one of the few nanny cams that is able to stream in 4K resolution. 4K is a huge upgrade over 1080P cameras, which provides for crystal clear video. It is important to be able to identify an intruder's face which standard hidden cameras lack the ability. The 4K clock camera is an ideal nanny cam and can also be used to watch the children when away from the house. It is simple to setup and can be installed within minutes. The 4K technology is the main reason to select this camera if you are looking for an affordable hidden camera with excellent video quality.


  • Nanny Cam
  • Watch Home on Vacation
  • Problems With Spouse
  • Watch Children
  • Domestic Abuse at Work or Home
  • Child Abuse
  • Divorce Cases
  • Child Custody Cases


  • Records high definition 4K video as well as audio
  • Supports up to a 128GB SD card
  • Text message notifications of any motion to phone
  • Scheduled recording times
  • Looped recording
  • Free application
  • Two Way Audio Communication


  • 1080P HD WIFI Wall Outlet Camera
  • Manual
  • USB Cable
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Video format: AVI
  • Video Resolution: 4K / 2K / 1080P / 720P
  • Video frame rate: 30 frames per second
  • Pixel: 1200 Mega CMOS
  • Visual Angle: 140 degrees
  • Motion Detection: 4 Meters
  • Storage Support: Up to 128 GB micro SD card
  • Minimum Illumination: 1 LUX
  • Night Vision Distance: 5 meters
  • Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS


Q: How do I configure the device for text message notifications?
A: Go into device settings on the application and select Alarm config. Choose the sensitivity for motion and make sure push notifications is selected.

Q: I can only see this device when I am within range. How do I see it when I leave the house?
A: Make sure you connect the device to your personal WIFI network. If you are connected to the device's unique WIFI, it is only going to work when you are in within range. Follow the directions above to connect it to your home WIFI.

Q: Is this a fully functioning clock?
A: Yes this device functions as a clock.

Q: How do I record onto the SD card?
A: Go into Device settings on the application and choose SD Card Record Config. You can then select record all day, scheduled recording times, or motion recording. This option also allows you to select Looped recording.

Q: Does this device stream Audio, too?
A: Yes it does.



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