Spy Spot Set of 6 Vinyl Stickers Audio and Video Surveillance Cameras CCTV Security Systems Decals Weatherproof UV Resistant 3" x 3"…

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Product Description:
  • Self-Adhesive Stickers Spy Spot Decals. Includes Set of 6 Stickers.
  • Vinyl Material | Dimensions 3" x 3"
  • Resistant Material and Weatherproof UV Protected Design
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Product Overview

Spy Spot 6 pack of audio and video surveillance 24 hour security vinyl stickers. Each sticker measures 3" x 3". They can be placed in a home, office, or vehicle. Let others know that the property is under constant surveillance to deter criminal activity. They are also weatherproof and UV protected. Simply peel and place sticker in desired location. Alcohol pad included with purchase. Clear coat from front of sticker must be removed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review