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Spy Spot specializes in security as well as surveillance systems. Spy Spot offers the latest CCTV camera equipment and DVR systems for both home and commercial properties. We offer custom camera solutions to fit your needs using state of the art technology. Cameras can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Spy Spot has specialists throughout the South Florida area to aid in assembly oc CCTV equipment.


Our security systems are constantly updated with all of the latest camera equipment and accessories. Our technicians have 20+ years of experience in CCTV systems so we are familiar with other competing systems and offer a system far superior. Other systems that can be purchased at retail locations such as Walmart or Best Buy offer poor resolution usually at 700 TV lines or less. Our camera systems use stunning HD video resolution and can also be combined with other hidden cameras to provide a covert security solution. We offer customer service for any problems or questions using our equipment. We have a wide variety of DVR systems including DVRs that can store up to 3 months of recording footage. Our camera systems can be viewed using a free application and even configured to provide push notifications of any motion detection.


Security cameras are a deterrent to criminal activity while also providing peace of mind. Whether you are a homeowner looking to monitor your home or an employer who wants to make sure that their employees are competing their work, security cameras are able to provide a viable solution. CCTV security systems aid in preventing burglaries since criminals are less likely to engage in criminal activity if they know that they are being filmed. Also, cameras can be used as insurance with video proof of any accidents or incidents. 


We offer several types of cameras, but are latest security cameras have a resolution of 1920 x 1080P with a 2.4 MP camera. The camera features both a manual zoom and focus which makes it an ideal camera to scan vehicles or in areas where long distance recording is necessary. The camera features infrared that has a distance up to 30 meters. The camera is able to record and stream in AHD, CVI, CVBS, and TVI. This is one of our latest cameras available, but we do carry other camera options as well. We offer hidden wired security cameras such as a motion sensor camera and a smoke detector camera. We can mix and match cameras with our DVR system options. DVRs are able to support up to 16 cameras and we have up to 4 TB hard drives with our DVR systems. Contact a representative today at (561) 279-3939 to be provided with a free consultation and estimate.



We  Specializes In Custom Spy Hidden Nanny Concealed  Cameras

Spy Spot provides custom installations residential / commercial CCTV surveillance systems in South Florida.

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