Masks can Save Lives!

Apr 10th 2020

Universal mask-wearing is the most overlooked COVID-19 lifesaver


15,887 deaths

263 Deaths/1M pop. 7

  • Low mask-wearing culture


5 deaths

0.2 Deaths/1M pop. 7

  • High mask-wearing culture 10


12,418 deaths

266 Deaths/1M pop. 7

  • Low mask-wearing culture


77 deaths

0.6 Deaths/1M pop. 7

  • Highest mask-wearing culture 12


9,325 deaths

28 Deaths/1M pop. 7

  • Low mask-wearing culture

South Korea

183 deaths

4 Deaths/1M pop. 7

  • High mask-wearing culture 11

The official stance is now pro-mask!

The U.S. Surgeon General and W.H.O. have said masks are not effective at preventing COVID-19 spread. However, they have recently reversed their position on mask-wearing. Anything that prevents aerosolized viruses from being transmitted lowers the virality of COVID-19 1.

U.S. Surgeon General✔@Surgeon_General

#DYK? @CDCgov's recommendation on wearing a cloth face covering may help protect the most vulnerable from #COVID19.

Here's how you can make one today, in just a few easy steps:

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