Child Custody

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Child Custody Investigations

Child custody cases involve an objective observation of the treatment and well-being of a child. These investigations usually are part of a divorce or custody case. Our qualified investigators will assess the treatment of a child by the guardians and report the findings to the court. This method provides sound and reliable evidence that can be used in court.

Child custody investigations involve the investigator using surveillance to determine how the parent or guardian treats the child. They will use video and photographic evidence to document any abuse or neglect of the child. The investigator may follow the parent or guardian to a bar or casino and note any activities that can have a negative impact on the child. These types of investigations can take a long amount of time, but is necessary to compile a large amount of evidence. They also ensure that the parent is providing a safe living space as well as feeding and clothing their child. The child may or may not know of the investigation in order to reduce stress levels of the child.

You may think that you don't need a child custody investigator, but if you have any concern about your child's safety you want to consider hiring one. If you think that your child is in unsafe hands with your spouse, a private investigator can alleviate these concerns with hard evidence. Our investigators are trained to keep your child away from an abusive situation. They are also able to look into the parent or guardian's background, habits, or parenting style to determine if they are able to meet the child's needs. These types of investigations will also prevent false accusations by one parent in court. Having reliable evidence from an expert Private Investigator will aid in court proceedings.

We at Spy Spot Investigations handle these important cases with discretion and care. We utilize our experience and state of the art equipment to obtain concrete evidence to determine the best interests of the child.


child custody investigations


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