How to activate my GPS Tracker?

To register your GPS tracker, go to and click "New User? REGISTER / ACTIVATE HERE..." You will fill out your information and select the plan service and click submit. 

What is the monthly service fee for the GPS Tracker?

SpySpotGPS offers different service plans for your GPS Trackers, there is no contract with any of the plans:

  • Monthly service fee $23.00
  • 3 Months Service: $63 ($21/Month)
  • 6 Months Service: $114 ($19/Month)
  • 1 Year Service: $204 ($17/Month) *Best saving plan*

How to cancel the GPS Tracker subscription?

Remember that its a recurring billing subscription, so if you no longer need or use the GPS tracker, please call +1 (561) 279-3939 to cancel your service or email us at

You can submit your deactivation online, go to & click "Deactivate Service - Click Here..."

How To Operate The Wired Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Lens Detector Finder?

Wired Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Lens Detector Finder-This dual mode detector can detect and locate any wired, wireless hidden camera and RF device with a working frequency between 1 MHz- 6.5 GHz including GSM, VHF, UHF, bugs, trackers. I can also detect & locate spy camera lens through laser scanning. This lens detector has a built-in rechargeable Li-battery, an earphone. The laser detecting range of the wired cameras is 1 to 65 feet. Lens detector mode-hold camera lens detector finder with antenna facing to the right. Turn spy detector on. You can vary the speed of the flash by pushing the LED button on the right. Look through the hole of the spy camera lens detector to find the position of the hidden camera lens. RF signal detector-To use the spy camera lens detector extend the antenna to the longest position. Turn the finder on. Press the mode button of the lens detector. The dial on the side can be adjusted to change the speed of the signal buzzer. Set the speed to the fastest. Both the buzzer will become faster and the LED brighter as you get closer to the source.