Spy GPS Tracker - GPS Tracking Devices

Spy GPS Tracker - GPS Spy Tracking Devices

At Spy Spot, we provide several different kinds of magnetic gps tracker & spy gps trackers for cars.

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 The 4G Micro Tracker GPS tracker is the latest portable device that fits in the palm of your hand, small to be placed anywhere and with a built-in rechargeable battery. The 4G Micro Tracker runs off of the latest technology so it provides the most up to date tracking. This micro real time gps tracking device uses Google Maps and provides detailed reports every 1 minute, but it can also be programmed for 1 minute, 3 minute, or 5 minute intervals. Vehicles can be tracked either through a computer, tablet or cell phone. Spy Spot is always staying current with GPS Trackers and this is the most updated tracker currently available on the market.



The battery on the Real Time Micro Tracker lasts up to 2 weeks and you we have available an extended battery with a weatherproof magentic mount case that will extended the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to 2-3 months.  The case is weatherproof and it can withstand precipitation and extreme temperatures. To use this device on a vehicle, simply place the Micro Tracker inside the strong magnetic case and attach it to the top side of the frame of the vehicle.

Weatherproof Magnetic Mount Case with Extended Slim Battery



The second type of GPS Vehicle Tracking device provided by Spy Spot is the OBD II GPS Tracker.This OBD GPS Tracker is quick and easy to install, it simply plugs into the OBD II port of your vehicle, which is usually under the steering wheel. An extended Y Cable can be purchased in order to better hide the secret GPS tracker if needed. The GPS Tracking device updates every 60 seconds. Text or email alerts may also be sent if requested. The OBD II GPS tracker requires no installation, no wires, no programming, and no battery. You can track it from any computer or smartphone. This live GPS tracking device is a viable alternative to the Micro Tracker GPS.


OBD II GPS TrackerSpy Spot OBDII plug in



The third type of tracking device offered by Spy Spot is the HardWire GPS with Kill Switch. This vehicle gps tracking system works similar to other devices, but requires professional installation. If here in South Florida we have an installer that will install this device for you. The HardWire GPS with Kill Switch tracking device installs behind the dashboard, it features minute to minute updates, speed, ignition on/off, mileage and more. This spy gps tracker for your car has a special starter disable feature that allows users to control the ignition, so you can enable/disbale the car from any location with the click of a button.




To access our GPS tracking software simply go to www.SpySpotGPS.com and register your GPS tracker. Our tracking software will show you the battery life of your GPS unit as well as where the GPS unit is currently located. With our software you can enter satellite view or street mode to get more in depth detail of the GPS tracking device’s current location. The software will allow you to create perimeters, which you could resize with our easy to use interface. If a GPS tracking device enters a restricted area, you can be notified by text message or email. With our software you can choose a date from the calendar and be provided a detailed report of everything that happened on that day regarding your GPS unit.


You are able to receive reports from up to a year. The software will also provide other information such as a report of when the ignition was on or off, the speed traveled, provide a breadcrumb trail, and provide updates of the GPS’s current location. Our software is easy to use and more detailed instructions can be found on our website.



 GPS Tracking on any computer or PDA-Style Cell Phone


GPS Tracking devices can be used to track people, vehicles and other assets, anywhere on Earth. There are 27 satellites orbiting the earth, 24 are operational, the other three will become operational if one of the satellites happen to fail. At any given time there are at least three satellites that are visible in the sky from a location. These satellites then triangulate on the position of the GPS tracking device. By continuing to triangulate the coordinates at regular intervals, the satellites can determine the speed of an object, the distance traveled and how long it has been stationary.

Worldwide Coverage Available 


National Tracking $24.95 per month and one time Activation Fee of $30

Discounted Rate of $18 per month with yearly plan 

(United States and Territories only)


 Our mobile app for your Spy Spot GPS Tracker is ready to download on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Apple and Android users can search for SpySpotGPS in the iTunes store or Play store and download it for FREE.


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