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Browse our collection of Spy GPS gadgets and tools below. We offer one of the smallest spy GPS trackers that are portable and easy to use and configure, as well as hardwired car GPS systems with killswitch systems that can be activated remotely.


Portable Micro GPS Tracker

Real-time compact and most versatile GPS Tracking device, making it the GPS best seller. The GL300MG / GL300MA Micro GPS Tracker is a portable tracking device that can last up to 2 weeks on battery life. Perfect for covert tracking applications and to track vehicles, boats, pets, personal assets, Rv, trailers, motorcycles, kids and elders.

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Hardwired GPS Tracker with Kill Switch

Real-time tracker, the Hardwired GPS Tracker with Kill Switch hardwires directly into the vehicle behind the dashboard, discrete tracking. Installation by a professional is recommended. The GPS Tracking device features the Kill Switch which allows the user to remotely disable the ignition from any location right on the tracking portal app or through the website. 

Hardwied GPS Tracker with Kill Switch, GPS fleet tracking


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OBD GPS Tracker

The OBD GPS Tracker plugs in directly into the OBD 2 port, located underneath the steering. The OBD 2 GPS Tracker tracks vehicle's location in real-time, easy to install and compatible with all cars from 1996 and newer. It runs off the vehicle's battery so you do not have worry about recharging the tracking device. Y-Cable can purchased as an additional accesory to hide OBD II GPS Tracker, keeping the port open in case the vehicle needs to be serviced or port needs to be used.

obd 2 gps tracker, obd II tracking device, OBD tracker

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 The Spy Spot GPS Trackers can be tracked using any smart phone, ipad/tablet, or computer.




GPS Tracking Portal Features:

  • Real-Time Location Tracking - Know where your vehicle or personal asset is at all times.

  • Text/Email Customizable Alerts - Motion Detected/Stopped, Speeding, SOS, Geo-fence Violations, Low Battery, Ignition On/Off, Power Down, Proximity Alarm, Battery Disconnected and other GPS notifications.

  • History and Reports - Go back up to 6 Months History. Download or print detailed reports.

  • Geofencing - Set up boundaries around areas on map and get notified if the vehicle leaves or enters the geo-zone.

  • Google Map Views - Satellite, Streetview, POI.


NO contracts. NO Cancellation Fees. 

Premium Plan $23/Month & Activation Fee of $8

 (Canada, Mexico, United States and Territories only)

USA and International GPS Tracking


Watch the video to learn how the SpySpotGPS tracking portal works and how to view your GPS device


Discreet Spy GPS Trackers for personal or business solutions. 


 SpySpotGPS App

Reliable, Secure, Easy to use GPS Tracking software.

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