iPhone Recovery Stick

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Was: $169.00
Now: $149.00
Product Description:
  • Recovers Deleted Text Messages, Call History, Contacts, Calendar Entries
  • Works on all Versions of iOS
  • Only Works on Windows Computer
  • Recovery Takes Anywhere from 15 Minutes to 6 Hours

Product Overview

iRecovery Stick – Advanced Investigation Tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

The iRecovery Stick is a revolutionary product that can make anyone into a digital forensic examiner. Today's phones store so much data that it's impossible to investigate user activity by browsing messages, photos, etc. For thorough investigations, you need a tool that extracts, parses, and displays the user data and allows you to search for phone numbers, names, etc. The iRecovery Stick does this and more. You can even recover data that has been deleted from the phone by doing a recovery on old iTunes backup files. If it was deleted from the phone, it may still be recovered from the iTunes backup. Also, many users think that when they delete photos from the photo library that they are gone from the phone. However, if they ever sent the photo in a text message but didn’t delete the conversation, the photo will be recovered using the iRecovery Stick.


·         Supports all iOS devices running up to iOS 14.x
·         Supports iTunes backup files – iTunes backup files contain all the user data available on the phone at the time of the backup
·         Recovers deleted SMS, contacts, call records, notes, and calendar entries for devices running iOS 14 and earlier
·         View photos, even from photo hiding apps
·         See all apps installed on the device
·         Look for malware – apps are analyzed and ranked based on the likelihood they may be malicious
·         Search, export, and report – search names, phone numbers, and more, export images and videos, and create an Excel report

How to use the iPhone Recovery Stick:


Recover Deleted Text Messages Both Incoming and Outgoing (Depends on version of iOS)

Deleted Text Messages


Recover Deleted Contacts Including Phone Numbers and Names (Depends on version of iOS)

Deleted Contacts


Recover Photos that are Hidden on the Phone (Depends on version of iOS)

Deleted Photos


Recover Internet History from Safari Including Bookmarks and Cookies (Depends on version of iOS)

Deleted Internet History


Recover Deleted Messages from Apps such as WhatsApp, KIK, Skype, and more (Depends on version of iOS)

Deleted Messages from Apps iOS


(No reviews yet) Write a Review