Spy Spot OBD 2 Real Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks - Hidden Locator Tracking Device with SIM Card Included - Black - US Coverage Available - Subscription Required

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Product Description:
  • Installs Within Seconds in OBD 2 Port
  • Track Live on Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer
  • Text/Email Notifications
  • Breadcrumb Trail, Satellite View, Street View, 6 Month History
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Product Overview

Never worry about battery life again with the 4G LTE OBD Real Time GPS Tracker! ALL vehicles model year 1996 and newer have an OBD II style data port located near the base of the steering column inside your car. Simply locate this port in your vehicle, plug in the 4G OBD GPS and you're done!  No wires, no antenna, this tracker literally installs in seconds!

GPS Locator

The OBD II GPS Real Time Tracker is perfect for fleet tracking or locating your teenager who borrowed your car. It plugs in within seconds and provides minute updates when the vehicle is moving. 


  • View Real-Time Location, Speed and Driving Habits
  • View Routes Taken, Breadcrumb Trail, and Six Month History log
  • See Mileage Driven, Virtual Odometer
  • Create Online Perimeters or Zones
  • Receive Text or Email Alerts
  • Excessive Speed
  • Safe Arrival & Departure
  • Fast Acceleration, Hard Braking
  • Entering Unauthorized Areas
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Unauthorized Use Times 
  Easy to use interface with no download required
                    Just log into the website from any PC, Mac, Tablet, or phone                  
Log in Screen
The map view will provide you with a green dot that will indicate the exact location of the 4G OBD GPS tracker.
 Zoom in to see the houses, beaches, and other landmarks which are nearby the GPS tracker.
Zoom in Satellite
Street view will allow you to see a street level view of the area so you can pinpoint the exact location of the GPS tracker.
Street View
The dashboard will allow you to receive a one year report history of the device, view the miles per hour, and set up perimeters.
Dashboard Miles Per Hour
Receive a breadcrumb trail, which will provide the start and finish point for the specified time of the GPS tracker. 
Fleet tracking allows you to track multiple vehicles, which is perfect to keep track of your employees or if you own a rental car company.

Monthly service as low as $18/month when year paid for in advance. $20/month when paid 6 months in advance. $22/month when paid 3 months in advance. $24 when paid month to month. Can be cancelled anytime. One time Activation fee of $9.95.

Our mobile app for your Spy Spot GPS Tracker is ready to download on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Apple and Android users can search for SpySpotGPS in the iTunes store or Play store and download it for FREE.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review