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Full Service Private Investigations Agency (A1100099)

Spy Spot Investigations handles all types of investigations including skip tracing, background checks, fraud, infidelity, bug sweeps, criminal, domestic, and more. Spy Spot has highly qualified investigators ranging from male and female investigators with over 20+ years of experience. Our investigators will work with you to put you at ease since we know investigations can be a stressful experience. Our investigators will be with you every step of the way to ensure your case is handled in a reasonable manner. Every case is confidential, so don't worry about any private details being exposed. Spy Spot ensures that your case will be completely confidential. The main distinguishing factor between our investigators and other investigators is the fact that we are a spy store as well. We have all the latest technology and will use that technology to tackle every case. We our experts at avoiding detection since that is the one area that most investigators lack the experience. Often times an investigator will be "made", but our investigators use covert methods to avoid detection. will use all of its latest products to ensure your case is handled efficiently and quickly.


  • Infidelity and Divorce Investigation
  • Background Checks
  • Civil Investigations
  • Child Custody
  • Insurance Fraud & Workers Compensation
  • Computer Forensics
  • TSCM Bug Sweeps
  • Personal Protection
  • Drug Testing
  • Loss and Theft
  • Missing Persons 

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