Satellite Only Real Time Worldwide GPS Tracker No Cellular Required Track Anywhere

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Product Description:
  • Satellite only GPS Tracker
  • No Cellular Required
  • 24/7 GPS Tracking
  • Battery Built to Last Several Years
  • Portable Handheld Device
  • Track Vehicles, Boats, Personal Assets
  • Free Application "SpySpotGPS"

Product Overview

The satellite only GPS Tracker can be tracked anywhere around the world. It works in areas that don't have cellular coverage which makes it perfect for hiking, boats, and tracking assets in areas with no cellular signal. 


The satellite only GPS tracker uses a battery that is solar powered so no wires or replaceable batteries are required. The battery gets recharged through the sun to provide a more reliable solution. The satellite tracker tracks in real time and can be monitored using a portable device or computer.


 The Satellite only GPS Tracker can be tracked using any smart phone, tablet, or computer.


 The GPS Tracking software will display an indicator dot that will let you know the last known location of the GPS Tracking device.

 The tracking portal will provide up to six months of report history.  This history can then be printed or exported to excel for later viewing.

 Satellite view can be used to provide an overhead view of the location.

 Street view provides an up close street level view of everything in the area.



Monthly service and Activation fee required

Our mobile app for your Spy Spot GPS Tracker is ready to download on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Apple and Android users can search for SpySpotGPS in the iTunes store or Play store and download it for FREE.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review