Teen Car Tracker

Teen Car Tracker - Perfect Solution For Teen Drivers in Your Family!

Teen car tracker finally gives you the ability to track in “real time”, your teenager’s driving habits, speed and location. Using state of the art technology, this easy to use and affordable teen car tracker simply plugs into your teen’s car in five seconds. You’ll always have the ability to know when your teen has arrived safely wherever they drive.  No more nagging them to call or text you.  You’ll know the route they’ve taken as well as their current driving habits.  This device will keep track of instances of hard breaking, quick starts and even high RPMs.  You even have the choice in receiving notifications via email or text concerning their safe arrival and departure, excessive speeding, idling, etc. It’s simple, easy to use, state of the art technology.  

You have the choice to receive immediate messages via email or text to alert you of their arrival or departure, speeding or other aspects of their driving. Using our Perimeters feature allows you to set up multiple “virtual map boundaries” or “zones”.  By clicking and dragging your mouse, you can create multiple Perimeters specifying local geographic area including those “off limits” so that you can be alerted whenever your teen’s vehicle travels in and out of these areas.  Think of the peace of mind that this feature can provide, as you now know that your teen has traveled safely and is on their way home. 

Teens tend to drive better when their parents are in the car as they are motivated to make good choices, In a similar manner, this technology keeps you the parent “in the car” and in the loop so they are similarly motivated to act responsibly.

There are 3 different teen car tracker options available: The Micro Tracker, OBD II Tracker, and Hard Wired GPS Tracker

Teen Car Tracker monthly service fee of $24.95 and an activation fee of $30. No Contract required.

teen car tracker