#52 - Solar Tracking kit

#52 - Solar Tracking kit

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#52 - Solar Tracking Kit 

Spy spot offers this solar tracking kit. It is compatible with our GPS Trackers, the GL300, GL320 Micro trackers as well as other companies trackers such as Optimus, Prime, Spytec, Tracki and more. This case gets its power through sunlight allowing it to maintain a long lasting battery life. The battery life is dependent on sunlight but can last up to 6 months on a single full charge! Alone a trackers battery can usually last about 2-3 weeks but with this solar case depending on how much the sun is hitting it can last as long as 6 months maybe more! The case also has strong and durable magnets! The Magnets are super strong and can connect onto any other magnetic surface with no problem! The case is completely waterproof and measures about 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.5". (Gps Tracker sold separately) 

What's Included? 

Along with the case is also an Extended Battery pack and a charger to manually charge the battery pack and GPS Tracker. Also included is a USB adapter which can be used to connect other companies Gps Trackers! 


  • Large Magnetic case with Extended battery pack
  • Small Magnetic Case
  • Pet Pouch


  • GL320 Micro GPS Tracker 
  • GL300 Micro GPS Tracker
  • Optimus trackers 
  • SpyTech
  • Tracki
  • Prime and much more!