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Spy Spot Weatherproof Magnetic GPS Tracker Case

Portable GPS tracker Magnetic Case  GPS Magnetic Case FEATURES The gps tracker magnetic case is an...

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SpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS TrackersSpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS Trackers
SpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS Trackers

Spy Spot has an extended battery case that can be used to extend the battery...

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Spy Spot Waterproof Magnetic Case Strong Stash Heavy Duty Magnet Mount Box

Spy Spot has a large magnetic weatherproof case that can be used to hold GPS...

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Spy Spot Magnetic Mount Weatherproof Case for GPS Trackers Stash Lock Box

Spy Spot Magnetic Mount Weatherproof Case for GPS Trackers - Stash Lock Box for Items,...

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  • GPS cases are protective items designed to house GPS tracking devices securely within or attached magnetically to a vehicle. These accessories provide essential protection against weather elements, theft, and damage while ensuring your GPS tracker stays hidden and functional. It doesn’t matter if you're monitoring your vehicle's location for security reasons or tracking your fleet's movements for business purposes. In a nutshell, a GPS case is vital for keeping your tracking device safe and sound.
  • While not as popular as the trackers themselves, magnetic weatherproof cases are more than necessary to own. Such accessories usually feature weather-resistant properties and powerful magnets. These cases offer a secure and discreet way to attach your GPS tracker to the top or underside of a vehicle's frame, ensuring it remains hidden from plain sight while withstanding various weather conditions. The combination of weatherproofing and strong magnets makes these cases ideal for long-term outdoor use without compromising the tracker's performance.
  • Magnetic cases feature lightweight and compact designs, making them easy to install and conceal on vehicles of all sizes. Their powerful double magnets ensure a secure attachment to the vehicle's frame, preventing the tracker from detaching or moving during transit. On top of that, SPY-SPOT’s weatherproof cases are compatible with different tracker models, ranging from the GL200 to the GL320MG. In addition to its weatherproof construction, the cases feature lockable compartments for storing the GPS tracker and valuable items like car keys. Its durable design ensures protection against theft and tampering, offering peace of mind for vehicle owners.
  • Yes, GPS cases are usually compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Their universal fit and versatile mounting options make them suitable for almost any automobile model. As a result, you can use such cases regardless of your car type or size. Whether you're monitoring a single personal car or managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, GPS cases offer a convenient and reliable solution for tracking and security.
  • Many GPS cases feature hard plastic exteriors that provide robust protection against impacts and scratches. This material is lightweight yet sturdy, making it ideal for outdoor use and prolonged exposure to various weather conditions. On the other hand, some cases are coated with a rubberized material to improve grip and shock absorption. In this event, the coating adds an extra layer of protection against drops and bumps, reducing the risk of damage to both the case and the enclosed GPS tracker.
  • Yes, all SPY-SPOT cases have strong magnets. The built-in magnets securely attach the case to the vehicle's frame or other metal surfaces. These magnets are typically embedded within the case's body. You will also find the items coated with protective materials to prevent corrosion and ensure a strong and stable connection. The weatherproof GPS cases also often feature interiors lined with fabrics such as nylon or polyester to shield the tracking device from moisture and humidity. Plus, the foam padding is commonly used in GPS cases to cushion the enclosed tracker and prevent it from shifting or rattling during movement.
  • Yes, you can use large magnetic GPS cases as stash boxes. These items can securely hold GPS tracking devices using powerful magnets and weatherproof materials. However, their spacious interiors and durable construction make them suitable for storing other objects as well, such as keys, spare cash, or small personal belongings. The SPY-SPOT Heavy-duty Mount Box, for example, not only provides protection for your GPS tracker but also features enough space to store extra items. Plus, the lockable design ensures only you can access it.
  • No, a magnetic GPS case does not disrupt a tracker’s connectivity. In fact, as mentioned above, such cases are specifically designed to securely house GPS tracking devices while allowing them to function normally. Still, it’s essential to ensure the magnets in the case are positioned correctly and do not interfere with the internal components of the tracker. However, you don’t have to worry about such issues when you work with SPY-SPOT’s magnetic GPS cases.