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HardWired GPS Tracker (4G) with Kill switch (Enable/Disable Ignition)

w coSpy Spot 4G HardWired Car Vehicle GPS tracker with Starter Shut Off - Remotely...

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magnetic gps trackermagnetic car tracker
Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker - Hidden Live Tracker (4G)

GL320MG Magnetic GPS Tracker The GL320 4G LTE Micro Magnetic GPS Tracker is the latest GPS...

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GL320MG GPS Tracker - Real Time Spy Micro GPS TrackerGL320MG GPS Tracker - Real Time Spy Micro GPS Tracker
GL320MG GPS Tracker - Real Time Spy Micro GPS Tracker

  GL320 GPS TRACKER Best GPS Tracker GL320 for Vehicles, Kids, Equipment and Personal Assets....

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GL320MG Real Time GPS Tracker with Weatherproof Magnetic Case and Extended Battery

  The 4G LTE GPS Micro Tracker uses the latest GPS Tracking technology and runs...

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OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking DeviceOBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device
OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device

OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device with SIM Card Included -...

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Extended Slim Battery Pack for GL320 GPS Trackers
Extended Slim Battery Pack for GL320 GPS Trackers

The large extended battery is used to extend the battery life of the portable GPS...

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Spy Spot Waterproof Small Pouch - GPS Tracker Case, Dog Collar Pouch

GPS Carrying Case Pouch The GPS carrying pouch is an additional accessory that supports most...

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Spy Spot Weatherproof Magnetic GPS Tracker Case

Portable GPS tracker Magnetic Case  GPS Magnetic Case FEATURES The gps tracker magnetic case is an...

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Mounted GPS Tracker (GB130): 4G LTE Vehicle TrackerMounted GPS Tracker (GB130): 4G LTE Vehicle Tracker
Mounted GPS Tracker (GB130): 4G LTE Vehicle Tracker

The GB130MG is a Mounted GPS Tracker that install directly to the battery or a...

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Tracking Kit - 4G LTE GL320MG Tracker, Magnetic Case,and Extended Battery Pack

SpySpot Tracking Kit - 4G Mini GPS Tracker GL 320MG with Magnetic Waterproof Case, and...

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SpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS TrackersSpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS Trackers
SpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS Trackers

Spy Spot has an extended battery case that can be used to extend the battery...

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Spy Spot Waterproof Magnetic Case Strong Stash Heavy Duty Magnet Mount Box

Spy Spot has a large magnetic weatherproof case that can be used to hold GPS...

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  • GPS accessories, such as magnetic cases and weatherproof covers, ensure your tracking device remains secure and protected in various environments, including harsh weather conditions. Mini-size kits are compact and discreet, making them ideal for covert tracking operations or for attaching to small objects without drawing attention. The SPY-SPOT GL320MG 4G LTE tracker, for example, features hidden magnets on a black weatherproof case. Like all other SPY-SPOT products, it offers discreet and reliable tracking capabilities in any environment.
  • A kill switch is an emergency stop for your vehicle, but you get to remotely control it. Let's say someone unauthorized tries to start your car or take your bike for a spin without your permission. With a GPS tracker that has a kill switch, you can remotely disable the engine, making it impossible for them to drive away. It's a powerful security measure because it puts you in control, even if your vehicle is out of sight. If you suspect foul play or theft, you can quickly and discreetly shut down the engine, thwarting any attempt to take off with your precious wheels.
  • Yes, the mileage view is like your vehicle’s personal odometer but with extra smarts. It helps you keep tabs on how far your car has traveled over time. This feature is super handy for tracking car usage, whether it's for personal or business purposes. When it comes to personal usage, mileage view lets you monitor your driving habits and track your trips. You can keep an eye on your traveling distance for maintenance purposes, like knowing when it's time for an oil change or tire rotation. On the other hand, this feature helps fleet managers track each vehicle's usage, plan maintenance schedules, and monitor fuel efficiency.
  • No, not all GPS accessories offer real-time tracking. While the feature is desirable for many users, it's not a universal standard for all GPS accessories, especially if the device doesn’t have live internet data connectivity capabilities. Real-time tracking typically needs a constant connection to a cellular network or satellite system. Unfortunately, this type of connection may not be feasible for all GPS accessories due to factors like battery life, size constraints, or cost considerations. As a result, some accessories and kits may offer periodic updates rather than real-time tracking, providing location data at intervals rather than instantaneously.
  • A GPS accessory with ignition monitoring capability is usually linked to your vehicle's ignition system during installation. This connection allows the accessory to detect when the ignition is turned on, off, or idling. After installation, the device constantly tracks the status of the vehicle's ignition. When you turn the car on, the accessory detects the change in electrical signal and registers that the vehicle has been started. Similarly, when the ignition is turned off, it detects the cessation of the electrical signal and registers that the car has been switched off. SPY-SPOT’s GPS accessories also provide alerts or notifications when the ignition is turned on or off unexpectedly.
  • Similar to real-time tracking options, not all GPS accessories offer breadcrumb trail features. A breadcrumb trail feature is like leaving a digital trail of hints behind you as you move. It records the historical movement of a tracked object or person, showing you the path they've taken over time. This can be incredibly useful for tracking the route of a lost or stolen vehicle. Luckily, SPY-SPOT offers breadcrumb trail features in most of its GPS trackers, including both hardwired and OBD (On-board Diagnostics) models.
  • Many magnetic GPS accessories feature weatherproof casing, which protects the device from the elements, such as rain, snow, and dust. This ensures the kit remains functional and reliable even in harsh outdoor conditions. The magnets can also withstand vibrations, bumps, and jolts without losing their grip, keeping the device firmly in place. When properly cared for, magnetic GPS accessories and kits can last for a long time, providing reliable tracking capabilities over an extended period.