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HardWired GPS Tracker (4G) with Kill switch (Enable/Disable Ignition)

w coSpy Spot 4G HardWired Car Vehicle GPS tracker with Starter Shut Off - Remotely...

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Mounted GPS Tracker (GB130): 4G LTE Vehicle TrackerMounted GPS Tracker (GB130): 4G LTE Vehicle Tracker
Mounted GPS Tracker (GB130): 4G LTE Vehicle Tracker

The GB130MG is a Mounted GPS Tracker that install directly to the battery or a...

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magnetic gps trackermagnetic car tracker
Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker - Hidden Live Tracker (4G)

GL320MG Magnetic GPS Tracker The GL320 4G LTE Micro Magnetic GPS Tracker is the latest GPS...

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OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking DeviceOBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device
OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device

OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device with SIM Card Included -...

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GL320MG GPS Tracker - Real Time Spy Micro GPS TrackerGL320MG GPS Tracker - Real Time Spy Micro GPS Tracker
GL320MG GPS Tracker - Real Time Spy Micro GPS Tracker

  GL320 GPS TRACKER Best GPS Tracker GL320 for Vehicles, Kids, Equipment and Personal Assets....

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GL320MG Real Time GPS Tracker with Weatherproof Magnetic Case and Extended Battery

  The 4G LTE GPS Micro Tracker uses the latest GPS Tracking technology and runs...

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Extended Slim Battery Pack for GL320 GPS Trackers
Extended Slim Battery Pack for GL320 GPS Trackers

The large extended battery is used to extend the battery life of the portable GPS...

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Spy Spot Waterproof Small Pouch - GPS Tracker Case, Dog Collar Pouch

GPS Carrying Case Pouch The GPS carrying pouch is an additional accessory that supports most...

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3 colors available

Spy Spot Weatherproof Magnetic GPS Tracker Case

Portable GPS tracker Magnetic Case  GPS Magnetic Case FEATURES The gps tracker magnetic case is an...

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Tracking Kit - 4G LTE GL320MG Tracker, Magnetic Case,and Extended Battery Pack

SpySpot Tracking Kit - 4G Mini GPS Tracker GL 320MG with Magnetic Waterproof Case, and...

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SpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS TrackersSpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS Trackers
SpySpot Slim Extended Battery With Large Magnetic Cases for GPS Trackers

Spy Spot has an extended battery case that can be used to extend the battery...

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Spy Spot Magnetic Mount Weatherproof Case for GPS Trackers Stash Lock Box

Spy Spot Magnetic Mount Weatherproof Case for GPS Trackers - Stash Lock Box for Items,...

Sale price$19.95


we do offer international shipping and will ship all over the world. Our items ship in boxes or envelopes with the name TD Spot as the company.

It depends on the type of spy device and the vehicle manufacturer. The portable Micro Tracker will not affect the warranty. However, the Hardwire Tracker and kill switch may affect the warranty. We recommend consulting a professional to install the Hardwire Tracker and kill switch. Dash cams that plug into the cigarette lighter won't affect the warranty as well as battery powered dash cams. It is dependent on the manufacturer of the vehicle so it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer before placing any wired device inside the vehicle.

To activate your device, go to the website: From there you will put in the IMEI number of the device as well as select your payment plan and input your billing information. Alternatively, you may also download the application called "Spyspotgps" and click the button on the bottom that says "Activate Device". It can take up to 24 hours for the device to activate. You will not be able to login until the device is activated.

To access the tracking portal, you can simply download the free application available in the Google Play store as well as Apple store. The name of the app is "Spyspotgps". If you are logging in on a computer or tablet, you may also go to the website to login which is You will login with your email address as the username and the password that you created.

Most modern GPS trackers for cars come with SIM cards that can be used internationally. Depending on the make and model, it may be limited to North America- but others are supported further afield. It is worth checking out the SIM details on the trackers you are interested in to see if they are suitable for use in the countries in which you plan on using them.

If you are ordering a device from outside the US, you can get SIM cards set up for your location. International plans may vary depending on the country you are based in and the provider you choose.

While it is perfectly legal to put a GPS tracker on any vehicle you officially own (either as an individual or through your business), you might not be able to put it on someone else's vehicle. It varies by state. In most states doing so without permission is considered a violation of the vehicle owner’s right to privacy, and you could face fines or even criminal charges. Not all states, so it's best to check with a lawyer and/or the laws in your state.

overall, If you want or need to track someone else’s vehicle, make sure you get that permission recorded or in writing. This helps to avoid any future issues, complaints, or complications. 

When you compare the cost of buying a GPS tracker and the software that goes with it with the cost of replacing a lost or stolen vehicle, it seems like a no-brainer. Being able to see exactly where it has been and its last location makes it easier to recover and can save you a lot of stress and money should things go wrong. 

You can get a GPS tracker for a fairly low price, so it is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind and security. People with high-value vehicles or a large fleet that travels between long distances should consider buying GPS trackers. 

The risk of theft is higher with expensive vehicles, and there are more moving parts to lose track of if you own multiple cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. That said, consider the total cost of tracking your whole fleet before settling on a device. Some are more cost-effective than others. 

The majority of trackers, on their own, are not very waterproof- certainly not enough to be attached externally to any vehicle that will be traveling in wet weather. You can, however, buy purpose-built waterproof and weatherproof magnetic cases that enclose the tracker and attach it securely to the outside of your vehicle. Some kits come with everything you need included, but you can also buy cases separately through Spy Spot for as little as $7.95 for non-vehicle tracking (hand-held or for a dog collar) or $19.95 for a magnetic vehicle tracker case. 

Shipping time and cost vary depending on your location. We ship to just about anywhere- although there are some restrictions on certain products. Once you input your address and preferred delivery method, we will calculate the expected delivery date. Orders from within the US generally ship the fastest.

Spy Spot’s range of GPS trackers connect to your mobile device via downloadable software app. All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and connect it to your device. From there, you can see all movements in real-time- and look back over six months of saved movement history. You can export and print any data to keep for your long-term records if required. 

Depending on the plan you choose, you can also receive alerts and updates live through the mobile software- keeping you up to date with exactly where and how your tracked person, animal, or vehicle is moving. This can be done through email or app notifications. Software plans are inexpensive and can be paid monthly for ongoing access. 

Because GPS trackers are considered an additional anti-theft and security measure, many insurance companies will offer lower premiums for those who have one. Trackers also encourage safe driving, as speeding or other reckless driving is recorded. This also helps people save money on their insurance- through lower initial deals and a reduced risk of expensive claims.