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Spy Spot 4G HardWired Car Vehicle GPS tracker with Starter Shut Off - Remotely Disable the Ignition from Any Location - US Coverage, Subscription required

StaHardwired GPS Tracker with Kill Switch GPS TRACKER WITH STARTER SHUT OFF  Spy Spot Hardwired...

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magnetic gps trackermagnetic car tracker
Spy Spot 4G Real Time Magnetic GPS tracker - Mini GPS Tracker GL 320MG Waterproof Case and SIM card - Hidden Portable Locator Tracking Device for Cars, Boats, Eldery, Kids - Black - Subscription required

GL320MG Magnetic GPS Tracker The GL320 4G LTE Micro Magnetic GPS Tracker is the latest GPS...

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4G LTE GPS GL320MG GPS Tracker - Spy Micro GPS Tracker Real Time

  GL320 GPS TRACKER Best GPS Tracker GL320 for Vehicles, Kids, Equipment and Personal Assets....

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Spy Spot Weatherproof Magnetic Case Extended Battery Including 4G GPS Tracker GL320MG

The 4G LTE GPS Micro Tracker uses the latest GPS Tracking technology and runs off...

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OBD II GPS Tracker GV500MA -Live Real Time Tracking Device with SIM Card Included - Black - US Coverage Available - Spy Spot Subscription Required

  Never worry about battery life again with the 4G LTE OBD Real Time GPS...

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SpySpot Extended Slim Battery for GPS Trackers and Battery Charger - Works with GL 300, GL300W, GL-300MA, GL300MG, GL320MG, GL320MASpySpot Extended Slim Battery for GPS Trackers and Battery Charger - Works with GL 300, GL300W, GL-300MA, GL300MG, GL320MG, GL320MA
SpySpot Extended Slim Battery for GPS Trackers and Battery Charger - Works with GL 300, GL300W, GL-300MA, GL300MG, GL320MG, GL320MA

The large extended battery is used to extend the battery life of the portable GPS...

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Spy Spot Waterproof Small Pouch with Zipper - Oxford Thick Fabric - Multi-purpose Bag with Loop Attachment - GPS Tracker Case, Dog Collar Pouch

GPS Carrying Case Pouch The GPS carrying pouch is an additional accessory that supports most...

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3 colors available

Spy Spot Weatherproof Magnetic GPS Tracker Case for Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Portable GPS tracker Magnetic Case  GPS Magnetic Case FEATURES The gps tracker magnetic case is an...

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SpySpot Tracking Kit - 4G Mini GPS Tracker GL 320MG with Solar Powered Magnetic Waterproof Case, Battery and USB Adapter - Subscription required

GL320 GPS Tracker + Solar Powered Extended Battery Slim Magnetic Case UPC: 609408033612 Special bundle...

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Spy Spot Waterproof Magnetic Strong Stash Heavy Duty Hide Key Magnet Mount Box Car GPS Hide Items Anywhere…

Spy Spot has a large magnetic weatherproof case that can be used to hold GPS...

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Micro Tracker Wall Plug Charger

The Micro Tracker (NOT INCLUDED) Wall Plug Charger is an included accessory with the Micro...

Sale price$18.95


we do offer international shipping and will ship all over the world. Our items ship in boxes or envelopes with the name TD Spot as the company.

It depends on the type of spy device and the vehicle manufacturer. The portable Micro Tracker will not affect the warranty. However, the Hardwire Tracker and kill switch may affect the warranty. We recommend consulting a professional to install the Hardwire Tracker and kill switch. Dash cams that plug into the cigarette lighter won't affect the warranty as well as battery powered dash cams. It is dependent on the manufacturer of the vehicle so it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer before placing any wired device inside the vehicle.

To activate your device, go to the website: From there you will put in the IMEI number of the device as well as select your payment plan and input your billing information. Alternatively, you may also download the application called "Spyspotgps" and click the button on the bottom that says "Activate Device". It can take up to 24 hours for the device to activate. You will not be able to login until the device is activated.

To access the tracking portal, you can simply download the free application available in the Google Play store as well as Apple store. The name of the app is "Spyspotgps". If you are logging in on a computer or tablet, you may also go to the website to login which is You will login with your email address as the username and the password that you created.