Another one of Spy Spot's trackers is an OBD II. This unit tracks the real time location with an exact pin point location as an address is provided! Install this device within seconds as the installation is incredibly easy. No need to recharge this unit as it gets constant power from the vehicle. Not only does this device provide real time location but it offers a 6 month history report that includes a breadcrumb trail, satellite, street view, all alerts, when ignition has been on/off at what time and much more! The unit runs off a 4G network with live location updates once a minute when in motion and once an hour when stopped. Being that this OBD runs off a network please note a Spy Spot subscription is required. 

How do I install this into my Vehicle? 

This device's installation is quick and simple. Simply locate your OBD Port which is usually found near the bottom left column of the steering wheel in the dashboard. Once located, connect your GPS and you're set to start tracking upon activation. 

How to Activate GPS Tracker?

Not sure how to start tracking? Not to worry. Step one, download our free Application (In app purchases) "SpySpotGPS" or go on our site "Spyspotgps.com" Under the login Credentials it will say "Activate GPS", once clicking on that it will ask you for an IMEI Number, You can find the IMEI on the back of your device. (We recommend taking a picture of the IMEI as you may need it in the future for any deactivation or reactivation!) Type it in. Once typed, choose the plan you would like to proceed with. Now press next and enter in your information! Address must match the Billing address of the card or the transaction will decline! Once a transaction is confirmed you will be able to log in 15-30 minutes upon activating! Username will be the email you used while filling out information and password will be the password you selected. 

OBD Accessories

Some would easily find this tracker as it's a little black box in the dashboard. Forentuly we have a wide cable (all sold separately) The Y-cable hides the tracker deep into the dashboard making it perfect for discreet tracking! 

Spy Spot Subscriptions