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One of the most frustrating events that we wish you wouldn’t have to go through, is to see your hard-earned possessions gone… taken by a lowly thief. Don’t allow these criminals to exploit you; claim your rights and protect your property. Install Spy Spot’s GPS trackers and keep an eye on your vehicles. What we offer you is peace of mind. 

8 things you need to consider before buying a spy tracker


There are four different trackers available, all roughly the size of a golf ball. The GL320MG Micro Tracker is a compact and portable unit that can be discreetly placed anywhere with ease. Another option is the OBD Tracker, which is tiny and should be linked to your OBD port, typically located near the bottom left of a steering wheel. Then, there's the Mounted GPS tracker, which can be attached to the vehicle's battery or live wire to track live pinpoint locations. Lastly, there's the Hardwire GPS Tracker, which also connects to a vehicle's battery. Similar to the previously mentioned mounted GPS tracker, this device has a unique feature; it can be activated and deactivated with just a click of a button!

Storage Capabilities

These trackers retain a history of activity spanning six months. This stored history simplifies the process of monitoring a vehicle’s whereabouts even if it has been a while since it was regretfully stolen. This abundance of information enables you to retrieve any stolen vehicle even after some time.

Connectivity Range

Spy Spot's GPS Trackers operate on a 4G network, ensuring a strong and consistent signal with an extensive coverage area. Regardless of their location, no matter the distance, you'll remain informed.

Battery Life 

When considering battery life, your primary concern will be the GL320Mg Micro tracker, which, as previously mentioned, is a portable unit and can last 2-3 weeks on a single charge. However, the Mounted, Hardwire, and OBD Trackers are all linked to the vehicle, ensuring continuous power supply.


All the trackers are hardly the size of a golf ball; they are really small and will surely go unnoticed. 


The Mounted and Hardwire GPS Trackers are resilient to extreme weather conditions; whether facing scorching heat or blizzard-like cold, they remain undamaged. As for the GL320Mg Micro tracker, it can be acquired with a magnetic case that offers weatherproof and waterproof protection.

Navigation App 

With all four of these trackers, you can access their location via the "SpySpotGPS" app or online. Through the app, you can view the live location feed and access a 6-month history report containing detailed records. These records include MPH (miles per hour), breadcrumb trail, street view, satellite view, on/off ignition reports, and various other details.

Easy to hide

All four tracker options are relatively simple to conceal. The Hardwire and Mounted GPS Trackers are installed beneath the hood of your vehicle, making them inconspicuous unless the vehicle is undergoing maintenance. For the OBD Tracker, a broad cable is available for purchase with this unit, allowing you to conceal the tracker while still maintaining access to an OBD Port. Lastly, with the Micro GPS Tracker, as mentioned earlier, you can acquire a magnetic case. The magnets on the case are exceptionally strong and are typically placed underneath a car. These trackers are all compact, inconspicuous, and discreet—no one will suspect a thing!

Top 4 Picks to do the job for you

GL20MG Micro GPS Tracker 

This Micro GPS Tracker is small and lightweight, allowing for discreet concealment virtually anywhere. It is also rechargeable, with a battery life lasting from 2 to 3 weeks, eliminating the need for a constant power source. Consequently, this tracker is versatile, and capable of monitoring various items as it can be placed inconspicuously. Therefore, it is well-suited for vehicles, valuable assets, or watercraft. Operating on a 4G network, the tracker provides 24/7 tracking. Its location can be accessed through our app or website, with a 6-month history report available, offering comprehensive information about the tracker's activity and the whereabouts of any stolen vehicle.

OBD II GPS Tracker 

The OBD II GPS tracker is designed to provide real-time location tracking and is compatible with any vehicle, as well as watercraft such as boats, jet skis, and yachts. Installation is straightforward—simply connect it to the OBD port, which is typically found near the bottom left of the steering wheel in vehicle models from 1996 and later. Since it draws power from the OBD port, this tracker does not require charging. In addition to tracking the real-time pinpoint location, the device offers a 6-month history report with features such as Breadcrumb Trail, satellite view, street view, and more. Car thieves have nowhere to hide.

Hardwire GPS Tracker

The Hardwired GPS Tracker is a reliable surveillance tool. It utilizes a 4G network, ensuring a wider coverage area and a robust signal. An added advantage of this device is the capability to remotely manage it, enabling or disabling the ignition via the app or website, providing excellent security for any vehicle or watercraft. Offering precise, real-time location tracking, this tracker is discreetly installed beneath the vehicle's hood, remaining unnoticed. It is continuously powered and does not require recharging. Keep your vehicles safe. 

Mounted GPS Tracker

The GB130MG mounted GPS tracker from Spy Spot accurately tracks real-time locations. It is specifically engineered for monitoring vehicles and/or watercraft. Installation is straightforward; you can affix it to a live wire or directly connect it to the vehicle's battery. A thorough installation guide is included in the package for guidance. The device is resilient to water and weather, capable of enduring extreme temperatures. Moreover, it generates a comprehensive history report detailing metrics such as miles per hour, ignition status, motion detection, stops, and other events. Both location and history reports can be accessed through the app or website. You will be doing half of the police work needed to retrieve your car with our trackers.

Spy Spot Subscriptions

Spy Spot's GPS Trackers operate using a 4G Network, with each device containing a built-in SIM Card. As they utilize a 4G network, an activation fee and Spy Spot subscription are necessary. Upon selecting your preferred tracker and service package, we will provide you with a comprehensive quotation detailing all associated costs.

What subscriptions does Spy Spot offer?

Spy Spot provides various plans to accommodate your specific needs. Think of subscriptions as insurance; you should always stay subscribed to our services to always put your heart at ease knowing your vehicles are safe. Depending on your intended duration of using the tracking device, you can select the plan that best fits your requirements. A one-month service plan costs $24. For three months of service, the fee is $66, equivalent to approximately $22 per month. Opting for six months of service entails a charge of $120, averaging about $20 per month. Subscribing for one year costs $216, which amounts to $18 per month, offering greater savings over time. Additionally, Spy Spot offers a budget-friendly plan where your GPS reports once an hour, available for just $15.95 per month.

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