Best Home Security Cameras of 2021

Spy Spot has several brand new security cameras for 2021 that take advantage of the latest technology. Home security cameras include both wired cameras as well as wireless cameras. Some wired camera options include a bullet camera, dome camera, and a manual zoom dome camera. Each camera records in 1080P resolution and supports both analog as well as digital. These are top quality video cameras that use custom Sony lenses. They include four different outputs including CVBS, TVI, AHD, and VI. The wired video cameras wire into a DVR system and are then connected to a monitor. They can also be viewed on a phone for remote viewing. These are Spy Spot's best available wired home security cameras.

Some of the best wireless security cameras of 2021 include the WIFI Clock Camera, HD Book Camera, and the Spy Spot Large Battery HD Infrared Security Camera. The WIFI Clock Camera is a fully functioning clock that also records video and audio. The HD WIFI Clock Camera can be accessed using a free app on a smart phone such as an Android or iPhone. It can be accessed from any location as long as the WIFI Clock Camera is connected to a WIFI network. The WIFI Clock Camera can save the recordings onto a micro SD card and can also be configured for motion activated recording.

Another option for home security is the HD Book Camera. The HD Book camera is disguised to look like a small binder and the camera is found right on the binding. The camera features both motion activated as well as continuous video recording. The Book camera has a battery life of up to two years on standby time. It can record for up to 30 hours of continuous video recording. It records in 1080P resolution at 30 FPS. The camera also has night vision and can support up to a 32 GB micro SD card.

The final option for best home security cameras of 2021 is the Spy Spot Large Battery HD Infrared Security Camera. This is a portable video camera with a large battery. The battery can last up to six months in standby mode and record continuously for up to 24 hours. The camera records in full high definition and does both video as well as audio. This camera also offers support for motion activated recording, voice activated recording, as well as body heat trigger recording. The sensitivity can be adjusted for each of these recording modes. These are a few of the best home security cameras of 2021.