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Full Service Private Investigations Agency (A1100099)

Spy Spot Investigations is a full service Private Investigation Agency that handles a wide variety of cases including full comprehensive background checks, locating missing persons, fraud, infidelity, bank account locates, domestic disputes, and more. Spy Spot employs highly experienced and qualified investigators with 20+ years of experience in the field. Spy Spot ensures complete confidentiality since we understand that investigations can be a sensitive and stressful experience. Our investigators will make sure the case is handled with complete care and will be in constant contact to ensure everything goes smoothly. Spy Spot differentiates itself from other competing agencies because it has all the latest technology available for an investigation. We are also a spy store so we have all the latest cameras and surveillance equipment to provide high quality evidence.

Here is a full list of the different types of investigations that we handle:

  • Full Comprehensive Background Checks (Includes Address, Phone Number, Email, IP Address, Properties, Licenses, Criminal History, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Vehicle Information, Associate Contact Details, Relative Contact Details, and more)
  • Hourly Surveillance Throughout South Florida Area
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Insurance Fraud & Workers Compensation
  • Child Custody
  • Civil Investigations
  • Bank Account Locates

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