Guide to installing any type of GPS

GPS Type

Hardwired GPS

There are many GPS Tracker options; the hardwired GPS and mounted GPS are some of the most popular types that are in high demand. Both of these devices connect right onto a vehicle's Battery. These options are great for the security of the vehicles since a hardwired GPS tracker can turn any ignition on and off with a push of a button. They both provide 24/7 live pinpoint tracking; offering you the ease of mind you seek by knowing where your vehicles or watercraft are at any given moment. Some might assume that installing these devices is a hassle, but most regular mechanics can install them for you! Spy Spot provides both of these devices; the hardwire GPS tracker, and the GB130MG-mounted GPS tracker. These trackers are compact, discreet, and very beneficial to keep an eye on your property. They track any vehicle, boat, jet ski, yacht, you name it; if it moves and has a battery, we can track it. Installing them will need a bit of know-how, however. So If you're not able to install them yourself and don’t know any qualified mechanics, then Spy Spot can happily refer you to its recommended professionals to do the job for you. 

Step 1 

Full installation guides for both the hardwired and the mounted GPS trackers are included when purchasing the devices. Once you go over the guide and have a full understanding of it you can begin installing it. Take it to Spy Spot’s recommended professional installer if you feel like you aren’t getting the hang of it though.

Step 2

Once you are done with installing your device, an activation is needed. Through Spy Spot's app or website, you are able to activate your tracker, and select a subscription plan that best suits your requirements. Once you’ve taken care of those steps you are set to start tracking!   


The OBD II is another form of tracker that is small, compact, and very simple to install. Just locate your OBD port which is usually near the bottom left side of the steering wheel on the dashboard. OBD trackers can track the pinpoint live location of any vehicle or watercraft it is connected to. Many would argue that the device isn't discreet enough since it's on the driver's side sticking out, but that is why we thought of alternatives to this. Spy Spot offers a wide cable that enables you to hide the tracker up in the dashboard leaving another OBD open and available for use. Spy Spot sells the products separately at an amazing price; and they are worth your investment.

Step 1

Locate your vehicle’s or watercraft's OBD port. The port is usually located near the bottom left of the driver’s side on the dashboard. 

Step 2

Once you’ve located the port, connect the device and make sure that the device is flashing.

Step 3

After connecting the device to your vehicle, an activation is required. You can complete this task online or through Spy Spot's free tracking portal application. Select a plan that suits your needs most from amongst the options available, and pay an activation fee. Finally, create an account and you are set to start tracking with your OBD II.

Portable GPS 

Introducing the GL320Mg Micro tracker; another GPS tracking device available. These units are portable and operate on a 4G network, making them highly versatile for tracking various items. They feature live pinpoint location tracking capability, and are small and easily concealable; about the size of a golf ball, allowing for placement virtually anywhere. Depending on the brand, battery life can last for extended periods. At Spy Spot, these trackers boast up to 3 weeks of battery life on a single charge. Additionally, users have access to a 6-month history report besides the live location tracking. While some may question its discreteness, its compact size makes it ideal for covert placement. Enjoy continuous tracking 24/7 and safeguard your valuable assets with ease.

Step 1 locate a place

Find a suitable location to position your tracker; as it's a portable device, you have the flexibility to place it wherever desired. However, Spy Spot provides options such as cases for the GPS unit. One option is a magnetic case, which easily attaches to any magnetic surface. Many users affix it under vehicles or valuable equipment. Additionally, Spy Spot offers a pouch that can be slipped onto a belt or a pet's collar. With these accessories, use the device according to your preferences and needs.

Step 2

Upon receiving your Micro Tracker, the initial step is to charge it. Allow it to remain on the charger for approximately 2-3 hours to ensure it attains a full charge and is prepared to commence tracking.

Step 3

While the unit is charging, benefit from that time to go online or download the SpySpotGPS; a free tracking portal, to activate your tracker and choose a subscription plan. After creating your account, selecting a subscription, and completing the charging process, you can monitor the whereabouts of any of your personal belongings.