Why Microchips Fail in Pet Tracking: GPS Is the Answer

Why Microchips Fail in Pet Tracking: GPS Is the Answer

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Why Microchips Fail in Pet Tracking: GPS Is the Answer

In a world where pets are treasured family members, the anguish of a lost pet can be overwhelming. We'll explore the limitations of microchips and why GPS tracking is the solution for pet owners looking to ensure their furry friends' safety.

What Are Microchips for Pets?

Microchips for pets serve as identification tags, providing vital information to help reunite lost pets with their owners. However, they lack the ability to provide real-time tracking, leaving a crucial gap in pet safety.

The Limitations of Microchips in Tracking Lost Pets

Lack of GPS tracking

Microchips, while valuable for identification, do not incorporate GPS technology. This means that pet owners cannot pinpoint their pet's location 24/7, which is a crucial drawback when time is of the essence.

Dependence on External Scanners

Microchips necessitate the use of specialized scanners to retrieve the stored information. This reliance on external devices can hinder the quick location of a lost pet, especially if the pet has ventured far from home.

The Benefits of GPS Trackers for Dogs

GPS trackers for dogs offer a superior solution to microchips by providing real-time tracking capabilities. They offer peace of mind to pet owners, enabling them to monitor their pets' locations and quickly retrieve them if they go astray.

Key Features to Look for in Pet Trackers

Lightweight and Compact

A good pet tracker should be lightweight and compact, ensuring it doesn't hinder the dog's movements or comfort.

Battery Life

Look for a pet tracker with a long battery life to ensure it remains operational when you need it most.


Opt for a waterproof pet tracker or one that comes with a waterproof bag or pouch, as pets often encounter wet conditions.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is essential for quickly locating your pet. A real-time GPS pet tracker ensures you're always aware of your pet's whereabouts.


Ensure that the tracker is compatible with your smartphone or device for convenient monitoring.

Introducing Spy-Spot's GPS Tracker for Pets

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Say hello to Spy-Spot's GPS tracker for pets. Our product offers a waterproof design, real-time tracking, extended battery life, compatibility with your devices, and a compact build. Ensure your pet's safety and your peace of mind with Spy-Spot.


Is it safe for my pet to wear a GPS tracker?

Absolutely. GPS trackers are designed with your pet's well-being in mind. They are lightweight and comfortable for your furry friend to wear.

Do GPS Trackers Have a Monthly Subscription?

Yes, GPS trackers typically have a monthly subscription. This subscription covers the cost of data and the maintenance of the tracking service, ensuring your pet's safety.

Do I Need To Get a Microchip For My Dog?

In several states, it's a legal requirement to have a microchip for your dog. However, even with a microchip, a GPS tracker provides an added layer of protection by enabling real-time tracking.


In the quest to safeguard your beloved pet, the limitations of microchips become evident. GPS trackers offer a modern solution, allowing you to keep tabs on your furry companion in real-time. Don't leave your pet's safety to chance — consider a GPS tracker today.