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Hidden Places For Your Car GPS Tracker

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Places for hiding your Car GPS Trackers

Car GPS trackers are portable or wired devices that are used to determine a location using a combination of cellular and satellite signals. Some trackers transmit location data in real time while others store the information to be viewed later on a computer. They can be tracked using either a mobile device, tablet or computer through a software that tracks data on speed, path, and more. Hiding a GPS tracker is important in situations where you don't want it to be found. There are many types of locations to place it, such as underneath the vehicle or inside the vehicle. Keep reading to find out more about car GPS trackers or skip to find where you can hide them.

Why do I need a car GPS tracker?

Car GPS trackers can be used for several purposes, such as:

  • Spouses tracking partners because of suspected infidelity.
  • Spying and surveillance by private investigators to track a subject for a case.
  • Parents or caregivers who want to track their children to make sure that they are driving safe.
  • Employers who would like to monitor their employees.
  • Tracking pets or elderly members suffering from dementia.

Spy Spot Car Tracking

Spy Spot offers several different types of GPS trackers, including the micro-tracker, OBD vehicle tracker, and hardwire GPS tracker with kill switch relay. Each unit can be used for different purposes and is able to be concealed either inside or outside the vehicle. Choosing the right GPS tracker for you depends on several factors such as the battery life, the ability to be concealed, whether you have access to the inside of the vehicle, and the time it takes to place the device.

Car GPS tracking Options

HardWired GPS Trackers

The Hardwire GPS tracker gets professionally installed behind the dashboard and provides up to minute updates. It provides reports such as excessive acceleration, hard braking, ignition on/off, and more. It also features a kill switch relay which can be used to remotely disable the ignition using a phone or computer. The GPS tracker is virtually undetectable and provides reliable signal for GPS tracking. It is easy to track and multiple units can be on account for fleets and rental companies.

Portable GPS Trackers

The portable GPS tracker uses a rechargeable battery and can be placed inside or outside a vehicle. It provides up to minute updates and can be placed on a vehicle, pet, person, or asset. The 4G GL300MA Micro Tracker is the latest gps tracker that runs off of the 4G LTE network and provides accurate as well as reliable GPS tracking. It can be accessed using an easy to use application for iOS or Android or accessed on a computer.

Portable vs. HardWired GPS tracker

Pros of a Portable GPS Tracker

The portable GPS tracker has several advantages over a hardwire tracker. For starters, it is smaller and lighter which makes it easier to hide in different locations while the hardwire GPS tracker has to be installed inside the vehicle. The portable micro-tracker can also be used for a wide variety of cases, such as being able to detect vehicles, keep track of pets, track the elderly, track children, in addition to tracking lockers and mobile assets.

Cons of a Portable GPS Tracker

The portable GPS tracker does have some disadvantages, such as being reliant on battery life, so it only lasts a few weeks. However, additional accessories can be purchased to improve the battery life, such as an extended battery or hardwire power kit. Other cons include signal weakness when the unit is placed in discrete areas. Placing the unit underneath a seat or under a vehicle, for instance, could limit the signal that the GPS tracker is able to transmit.

The Best Places to hide a GPS Tracker in a Car

1. Dashboard

It’s easy to hide GPS trackers behind the dashboard, making them virtually undetectable. Hiding it behind the dashboard also ensures that the tracker will remain hidden even if the vehicle is taken to a mechanic for service, as long as the dashboard isn't taken apart. The main type of tracker you can install there is the hardwire GPS tracking device. This tracker stays connected permanently, so you don't have to worry about the battery dying.

2. Under The Car

GPS trackers can be placed underneath a car using a magnetic weatherproof case which protects it from rain. It’s best to secure it to the top side of the metal frame of the vehicle to ensure it stays attached in case there are any bumps. The portable micro-GPS tracker would be the best option for this placement since it simply attaches to the metal frame of the vehicle.

3. Under the Seat

If you have access to inside the vehicle, you may want to place the GPS tracker under one of the seats. It can be secured to the bottom of the seat by using tape or double-sided velcro and then retrieved when the battery dies. The only drawback is it may possibly be located when the vehicle is cleaned.

4.Front or Rear Bumper

GPS trackers can also be attached near a front or rear bumper. They would need to be attached using a magnetic weatherproof case to protect the unit from harsh weather. Zip ties can also be used to attach it if there is no metal in the area of placement. The only drawback of placing a GPS tracker by the front or rear bumper, however, is that it could be detected easily if the vehicle goes to a car wash.

Why choose Spy Spot

Spy Spot's products are your top choice for car tracking devices, primarily because of the reliable tracking service offered with your purchase. We provide an easy-to-use application and software with a myriad of features. Spy Spot also has 24/7 customer support either through email, an answering service, or phone. We are always staying up to date with the latest products and making sure the GPS trackers are connected to the proper network. Technology is constantly evolving, and Spy Spot keeps up.

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